Pagemaker Course

Training Course Details are as Below

  • Introduction to Desk Top Publishing.
  • Introduction to Page Maker Advantages.
  • Using the Mouse.
  • Components of the Page Maker Window.
  • Setting the Margins
  • Setting the Page Size
  • Changing the page Orientation
  • Setting Page Numbers, Changing the Page Size view
  • Creating New Document Windows: Displaying the Rulers
  • Changing the Rulers
  • Using Rulers
  • Using Guidelines
  • Positioning Guidelines
  • Adding Guidelines to Master Pages
  • Aligning to Guidelines
  • Displaying Guidelines
  • Locking Guidelines
  • Formatting Types: Changing Font Families
  • Changing Font Sizes
  • Changing Typeface Style
  • Changing Character Specifications
  • Changing Type leading
  • Changing Character Widths
  • Changing Tracking
  • Changing Type Options
  • Saving Your Document: Saving a new Document
  • Saving an existing Document
  • Saving a Document as another document
  • Reverting to a Previously Saved Version
  • Developing Paragraphs: Typing Text, Adding special Characters to Text, Aligning Text.
  • Formatting paragraphs: Changing Indents, Changing the space around Paragraphs
  • Changing paragraph Alignment
  • controlling How Paragraphs Break Between Pages and Columns
  • Adding lines Above or Below Your Paragraphs
  • Converting Other Objects to Frames
  • Threading and Unthreading Text
  • Threading additional Text
  • Threading Text to Different Page
  • Unthreading Text Blocks
  • Rethreading Text Blocks
  • Making Text Blocks Disappear Without Deleting them
  • Selecting and Dragging Text
  • Editing Deleting Text,Cut, Copying, Pasting Text, Viewing the Contents of Clipboard,
  • Using Undo and Revert
  • Inserting and Removing Pages
  • Inserting and Removing Pages
  • Adjusting Spacing of Characters, Words, Lines : Adjusting, Spacing and Leading
  • Setting and changing Tabs
    Introduction to Auto Flow, page maker Plug-Ins, Drop Cap, Change Case, Bullets and Numbering
  • Adding Graphics to your Document
  • Adding Lines
  • Changing Lines Specifications
  • Adding Shapes
  • changing Shape specifications
  • Changing Line and fill, Specifications together (Fill and Stroke)
  • Changing Round Corners
  • Creating Drop-Shadow, Boxes, Text wrap
  • Changing page maker Options: Adjusting Margins
  • Setting and Adjusting Columns
  • Setting Unequal Width Columns
  • Creating headers and Footers
  • Creating Graphics in page maker
  • Rotating Text
  • Skewing and Mirroring objects with Control Palette
  • Importing Graphics into page maker, Placing, Sizing, aligning Graphics, Cropping Graphics.Introduction to Using layers,Moving and creating objects.
  • Introduction to Printing - Selecting a Printer, Printing your Document, Printing Document Dialog Box Options
  • Introduction – Using Story Editor: Opening Story Editor
  • How the Story Editor names,Tories, Switching Between Story Editor and Layout Editors
  • Closing Story Editor and Placing the Story Editor
  • Differences between Story Editor and layout Editors.
  • Starting the speller
  • Correcting Misspelled Words
  • Correcting Duplicate Words
  • Adding Words to the different Dictionaries
  • Correcting Duplicate Words
  • using find Feature.
  • Using the change Feature
  • using page Maker Help

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