Motherboard Course

Training Course Details are as Below

    Basic Electronics ANALOG.
  • What is electronics and electricity.
  • Current.
  • Voltage.
  • AC-DC Volt.
  • AC and DC supply.
  • Types of ckt. Measuring Units.
  • Socket reading and chk of earthing.
  • Electricity related problems.
  • Basic ele. componant.
  • Resistor with its ohm’s law.
  • Diodes with rectifiers.
  • Capacitors.
  • Introduction to Desktop Motherboard.
  • Motherboard Block Diagram.
  • Function and Main Ics detail.
  • Work theory and practicle idea
  • Main Signals of Motherboard And How motherboards WorkVRM Section
  • North bridge section.
  • RAM section,USB section.
  • Super I/O.
  • BIOS IC.
  • South bridge.
  • Cold checking method.
  • Hot checking method.
  • Finding VRM or Power IC.
  • Power MOSFET.
  • Ground MOSFET.
  • Ferrite core and Pot core coils.
  • North Bridge MOSFET and IC .
  • RAM MOSFET and IC.
  • LAN IC.
  • SMPS pin out.
  • Soldering and De-soldering practical,Components replacing with SMD rework.
  • Tracing different connector and socket with related component and chip.

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