Mobile Repairing & Smartphone Repairing

ACES Technologies Institute offers advanced Career oriented mobile and smar phone repairing course with advance technology and repairing tools. We learn about all types of mobile phone like Chinese, GSM & CDMA etc. ACES Technologies Institute have a well designed smart class room & regular practical lab with modern mobile repairing machine & tools. Pur trainer give circuit diagram, easy repairing procedure, latest guidance aids, ball making method by B.G.A. machine, Software training procedure and also spare parts supporting to students.

Training Course Details are as Below

  • basic Mobile phone description and overview
  • Basic Mobile phone features and working concept.
  • Hardware & Chip Level Repairing of Basic Mobile Phone
  • Mobile phone Basic Electronics.
  • Identification of all component and IC on PCB.
  • Use of SMD component tester for Component checking.
  • Uses of Digital Multimeter and analog multimeter
  • Use of CRO machine and DC Power Supply.
  • Soldering and De-soldering of all Tiny SMD component.
    (Removing and fitting practice of all mobile Jack and connector -
    SIM jack, charging jack, battery connector, display connector etc
  • PFO and Chip rebelling replacing practice.
  • Jumper practice of all IC’s, jack and connector.
  • Tracing of mobile PCB without circuit diagram.
  • All mobile circuit semantic reading practice.
  • Troubleshooting of Keypad and hanging problem.
  • Tracing and fault finding of dead mobile problem, no charging problem,
    Automatic Turn off problem, Insert SIM card problem, Mobile not charging problem etc.
  • Fault finding of some common problem like- contact service,
    vibrator problem, no signal problem etc.
  • Smart phone overview.
  • Understand different Types of Mobile OS like- Samsung, Nokia, Black Berry, I Phone.
  • Symbian OS, android, Gingerbread, Froyo, and Jelly Bean OS,
    Apple iOS6, blackberry OS 7.1, windows 7 Os, BADA OS etc.
  • Android phone and I-phone OS upgrading.
  • Black berry, Samsung android, Nokia and I-phone country
    unlock Screen pattern lock, security lock, and jail breaking.
  • Nokia, Samsung and I-phone Factory Resting.
  • Smart phone OS downloading.
  • Android, I-phone Apps Downloading Installing.
  • All Samsung, Nokia, Chinese mobile flashing.
  • Smart phone hanging Troubleshooting with software.
  • Smart phone restart problem troubleshooting with software.
  • Online smart phone software repairing.
  • Insert SIM problem solution with software when our H/W is ok
  • Android phone, Smartphone, I-phone and CDMA Phone Unlocking Code.
  • All Chinese Smartphone software Troubleshooting.
  • Identification and Testing of Electronic components/IC’s through Digital multimeter, Smart SMD component Tester.
  • Understand major IC on smart phone.
  • Assembling and De-assembling of smart phone.
  • How to Read Semantics diagram of smart phone.
  • Master soldering tips.
  • How to test Smartphone microphone and Mouthpiece.
  • Fault finding and troubleshooting of various faults
  • Camera is not work.
  • Headphone jack short problem.
  • Wi-Fi antenna not works.
  • Smart phone updating problem.
  • All section of smart phone troubleshooting with circuit diagram.

  • Mobile repairing through unlocking code - country lock, SIM lock, User lock, screen pattern lock of GSM mobile, CDMA, and Chinese mobile.
  • Troubleshooting and Repairing all mobile phone software problem - restart problem, hanging problem, mobile on/off problem, dead problem.
  • All application software installation training.IMEI repairing.
  • Chinese mobile software Training.
  • Security code unlocking practice.

  • Flashing Box Training
  • ATF Box & Z3X Box.
  • UFS Box & Micro Box (Latest Multimedia Mobile).
  • Infinity Box (LG, Chinese, Motorola).
  • SE Tool Box (Sony Ericsson).
  • Volcano Box (for Chinese).
  • Working in SERVICE CENTER for Live Practical
  • Students get training in our mobile repairing center after training.
  • We give dead mobile and error based phone to our students for repairing.

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