Laptop and Desktop Chip Level Course

Chip level laptop and desktop repairing course is designed by our well experienced faculty who have more than 10 years experience in the field of chip level repairing institute. We give practical based training to our students. In this course you can take training from basic level to advance lavel in chip level repairing of Laptop motherboard as well as Desktop motherboard.

Training Course Details are as Below

    What is current and Electronics?
  • What is current
  • About DC and AC
  • About DC ampere & AC ampere
  • How to use analog and digital multimeter?
  • How to use diagnostic card for laptop and Desktop?
  • About Parts of Computer
  • Desktop Assembling and Dissembling
  • Laptop Assembling and Dissembling
  • Basic Electronic of Desktop Motherboard & laptop Motherboard
  • About Resistors and it's working Concept
  • Work of Capacitors and how to test?
  • About Diode how to test it's function.
  • Transformer concepts on motherboard and it's function
  • What is Transistor and trasistor function?
  • How to test the function Coil on motherboard?
  • Crystal Function and it's checking process on motherboard.
  • What is Mosfet and how to test the function of mosfet on motherboards
  • Function of IC and how to check all ics on laptop/Desktop motherboards
  • Practical for Soldering & Disordering
  • How to remove components from motherboard
  • How to fix components on motherboard
  • How to change port and slot of motherboard
  • How to remove and fix all ics from motherboard
  • SMPS Repairing
  • Desktop & Laptop Motherboard Section Tracing (With Power Supply & without Power Supply)
  • VRM Section
  • Ram Section
  • Chip Section(North Bridge & South Bridge)
  • Clock Section
  • Fan Section
  • PS2 Section
  • BGA Section
  • USB Section
  • Audio Section
  • LAN Section
  • Bios Section
  • IO Section
  • SATA Section
  • About PCI Slot
  • Laptop Lvds with CCFL invertors Section
  • Laptop Keyboard section
  • Laptop Touchpad Section
  • Laptop Win Section
  • Laptop Step Down Section
  • Laptop Charging Section
    Motherboard Fault Finding & Chip Level Repairing Solution
  • No Display
  • Dim Display
  • Dead
  • Shorting
  • Charging
  • Automatic Reset
  • Automatic Off
  • Heating
  • USB not working
  • Hard disk not detection
  • Blue Screen
  • Wifi and webcam Not working
  • Bluetooth not working
  • Touch pad not working
  • Keyboard not working
  • Audio not working
  • Lan not working
  • Display white problem
  • Junk Display
  • BIOS Password removing
  • Advance Practical on Repairing Tools and Machine
  • How to work on BGA Machine for motherboard chip problem?
  • How to use digital and analog CRO machine for all signal checking like BIOS, Clock, and RESET etc?
  • How to use DC Power supply Machine for checking shorting of laptop and Desktop motherboard?
  • How to use BIOS programmer for Bios files error?
  • Laptop LCD/LED Faults & Adaptor Faults
  • Doubts Classes
  • Working in SERVICE CENTER for Live Practical
  • Students get training in our service center after course.
  • We give customer’s Laptop/Desktop for repairing to our students.

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