Who We Are?

We are a "tech-cocktail" Entity enabling fast-track IT solutions powered with a perfect balance of technology innovation, software designing-development and business consultancy.

CT-SOFT is synonymous with a heady mix of enthusiastic, young and experienced engineering professionals and systems development tech wizards, adept at brewing innovative and dynamic e-solutions. Our value-added business services and solutions add a spring to your portfolio of services to enhance user satisfaction.

Automation is our goal. We factor technology to take the service to a new high. Individually we have experience in variegated fields like designing and developing apt apps (both web and mobile) for start-ups, CRM, Attendance and payroll management, apart from providing seamless e-service platforms suitable across different segments of business and government.

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Our Team

He is a best coder. He is known for co-founding CT-SOFT Company. and serves as its Managing Director. He also co-founded and is a brilliant minded person.


Sarang Tamrakar


He is a cool person. He is a founder of CT-SOFT Company. and serves as its Chief Executive Officer. He is a simple one.


Rewatiraman Sahu


He is an intelligent person. He serves as Chief Technology Officer on CT-SOFT. best in analyst, always work on new technologies.


Netranand Mehar


He is an Extra ordinary person who believes on hardwork super one. He serves as Project Manager on CT-SOFT. best in analyst, always work on new projects and responsible for complete it.


Rajnikant Koram

Project Manager

She is nice from her heart, so simplicity in her nature. She serves as Marketing Manager on CT-SOFT. Believes on talk on every matter better than argu on it,she believes cause of talk we get solutions of any problem.


Laxmi Sahu

Marketing Manager

She is expert in designing. She serves as a Designer & Developer on CT-SOFT. Responsible for attarctive designs and creative designs.


Runalaila Choudhury

Designer & Developer

She is expert in designing. She serves as a Designer on CT-SOFT. Responsible for attarctive designs and creative designs.


Shruti Khandelwal


Our Partners


Mahtab Shabi

Bi to mahtab shabi baz az aan kooche gozashtam, hame tan chashm shodam khire be donbale to gashtam. Shoghe didare to labriz shod az jaame vojoodam.

Asheghe Divaneh

Shodam aan asheghe divaneh ke boodam. Az nahankhaneye janam, gole yade to derakhshid, Baghe sad khatere khandid, Atre sad khatere pichid.


Yadam amad ke shabi ba ham az aan kooche gozashtim. Par goshoodimo dar aan khalvate delkhaasteh gashtim...

Chashme Siahat

To hame raaze jahan rikhte dar chashme siahat, man hame maste tamashaye negahat. Aseman saafo shab aaram, bakht khandano zaman raam.

Hazar az Eshgh

Yadam ayad to be man gofti azin eshgh hazar kon, lahze ee chand bar in aab nazar kon. Aab ayneye eshghe gozaran ast.


To ke emrooz negahat be negahi, negaran ast, bash farda ke delet ba degaran ast. Ta faramoosh koni, chandi azin shahr safar kon...

What Our Clients Said

I got my website developed from CT-SOFT technologies and I feel the team is perfect in delivering the expected end product. I was happy for the liveliness and services they provided for Eway Services. Great User Experience. Good Job Guys!!

Yugal Nag

After failing twice in my efforts to find an apt app development company, I was not expecting much when I met professionals from CT-SOFT. I was sceptical to begin with but as the meeting unfolded, the response and the comprehension exhibited by them impressed me. And once the product was taking shape, I was totally convinced that I approached the right entity for my app. Thanks CT-SOFT.


We have been associated with Tvisha since 2 years and it is a good company to work with. They have understood our requirement and developed the app accordingly. Let your idea be anything they will make it real for you. I highly recommend everyone to approach in the first place. For your reference, you can review our product Mutual Caller App and Web.